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  • Current Model:  MH943SBSGBOT
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My personal notes about what I discovered

I currently own the same type of distiller. I have owned another bigger one
when I had children living at home. The prices have come down over the years
and the manufacturing quality has come up. The reason I am sharing this is that
I like mostly metal and glass construction. The metal IMO lasts longer and the
glass carafe is more sturdy than plastic. I found the same type of model for
about $20 less but it has more plastic, and less metal. Click here → Cheaper

This model takes about 5 hours to make a gallon of water. If you need one
with a larger capacity then I suggest this one. I have owned this bigger kind before.
I recommend it for most people and will be doing a full review shortly.
Click here → Bigger ←


Most of the reviews praised the product and its performance.


3 Bad things mentioned and possible simple solutions

One purchaser mentioned rust after 2 months of owning, Easily Solved, See details.

A 12 month warranty comes with the unit.
This covers the unit as well as the glass carafe.

Click here for → Owners Manual Here

You shouldn’t use harmful chemicals. I use vinegar and bring it to a boil.

One purchaser mentioned carafe, Issue Apparently Resolved, See details.

They were told that they would get another one within 3 days.
Since the purchaser hasn’t posted an update they must have received a replacement.
12 month warranty comes with the unit.
This covers the unit as well as the glass carafe.
Click here for → Owners Manual Here

One purchaser mentioned the water tastes strange, 2 Solutions.

Having owned 2 different distillers I can tell you what happened.
When you first get your distiller you need to run it a few times.
This is so you clean out any residue from manufacturing.
The other reason that you may have experienced this is when
you make your distilled water, it is pure. Then you probably put
it in the refrigerator so you can have a nice drink of cold water.

If you don’t place it inside of a clean glass or clear plastic sealed
container then it will absorb odors inside your refrigerator.
This is solved simply by getting a glass milk container or a clear plastic
container. Cleaning the containers with very hot water and rinse with
distilled water. Now place water in these sealed containers for cool drinks.

No reason to buy multiple carafes. Save your money.


Click here for → MH943SBSGBOT Details Page



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How water distillers work

Representing: Salt water is the ocean. Small bowl is the land. The ice represents cooling down of the moisture in a cloud formation. I think this young lady is doing awesome. You can tell she worked really hard to make it enjoyable for the viewer. Thank you Julie Davenport.

Thank you for contributing Cathy Davenport.

Important about this experiment: The salt and impurities are left in the big bowl. It leaves pure water in the small bowl. This is exactly what happens with home water distillers. Pure clean water as nature intended. 

Source: YouTube Link, Cathy Davenport

Additional Sources:

Home water distillers are modeled after the natural water cycle.
USGS science
Home water distillers are modeled after nature.
NOAA Education Resources
Best drinking water from nature. Distillers use the same principles.
Precipitation Education
EPA.gov showing how water cycle works and how distillers work also.



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Home Water Distiller Reviews

Review of Reviews

Home water distillers are just being realized by the public as one of the most important healthy choices they can make. The reason is simple. Distillers are based on the way nature intended water to be. This is pure without chemical additives or inorganic compounds that water picks up once it touches the ground.

I’ll share my findings over the next few months in a quick and easy to review format.

Home Water Distiller Reviews Are

1. Resources for actual research
2. Reviews of actual buyers from trusted sources with resources
3. Quick and cheap upkeep
and avoid buying extra stuff that distributors try to sell you.

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I hope you enjoy.

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